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Hi! I'm Kelli. I'm so happy to have you here! I am about all things Travel Mental Health. I believe that traveling is a form of self-care, and after years of traveling and working in the Social Work field, I created my own business that combines my two passions together! You might be here looking for travel planning, or you might be here looking for Mental Health support. Either way, I am glad you’re here and I would be happy to help with either!


A little about my background…I've worked in many areas of the Social Work field, most recently with mothers who battle postpartum depression. I now have my LCSW, License in Clinical Social Work. For years I’ve had this vision, how I wanted to make an impact, and after the release of my two books, I felt the need to create more and do things in my own unique way. So, here we are!

In my personal life I have traveled all over the world, almost to every continent! It is a bucket list goal of mine to visit every country, and I’m making some strides with that for sure, but I have a long way to go still! I have seen what traveling has done for my mental health, and the impact it has on our world, which is why I became so passionate about it.

When starting my business I kind of coined the term “Travel Mental Health.” This is the idea that traveling has an incredibly positive impact on our mental health. Remember that trip you went on as a kid? The one where you explored a new part of the world. You were just so happy and there wasn’t a care in the world. Well I want to bring us all back to those moments. As adults, we tend to lose the playful childlike (inner child) nature we once had, and what that does for our mental health is so not good! Travel Mental Health, to me, is the key to living a very full and happy life. 

To read the story of how I got here (it's a good one), go check out the post below!

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