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Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book

The Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book has so much packed into one book! This book contains not only coloring, but also activities in self-care, mindfulness, self-esteem, positive thoughts, and more! Every single page can be colored. Every page is single sided so you can tear them out and hang them up, or if your markers bleed through, they won't bleed onto the next page! The binding is spiral bound so that you can lay the book flat while you're working! You're welcome. This book is great for men and women of all ages! Happy coloring!

Adult activity book, cognitive behavioral therapy, coloring book

I Got This Journal

This 30-day self-guided journal will provide you with the space to achieve your dreams, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, and become the best version of yourself! This book includes an intro section to get you started, and then 30 days of challenges, thought provoking activities, and free write/draw. At the end you will reflect on the last 30 days and all that you have accomplished! Join in on the Mental Health Movement that is sweeping the nation! You Got This!

I got this 30 day guided journal, mental health journal


Loved this book! I was so excited when it arrived because I really needed to get out of my COVID funk. I plan to buy more copies and revisit the 30-day guide throughout the year. I got this!

Client review on I Got This 

I originally bought this for my 79 yr old mother-in-law to help with cognitive and dexterity skills. She uses it so much we had to buy her a pencil sharpener for her colored pencils. She loves it and so I bought one for me too. Save the hassle and buy multiple copies the first time. 

Client review on Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book

I just wanted to tell you how helpful this book was to me. My husband had heart surgery and due to COVID restrictions I had to wait in the waiting room for 8 hours all by myself. Being able to color was invaluable to help me stay calm. I wouldn't even say I previously enjoyed coloring but this was exactly what I needed at the time. Thank you!

Client review on Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book

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