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Hey There!

I am so excited to help plan your dream trip! Whether you want to plan a destination wedding, luxury honeymoon, a wellness trip, or an epic adventure, I’m here to help make this a supported, stress-free, and fun trip!

Below you will see different links that will fit your type of trip!

Working with me

Why book with a travel advisor

Travel is not just a hobby for me, it's a way of life. I believe that travel is a form of self-care and can have a positive impact on mental health. Travel and therapy really aren’t that much different. You are forced out of your confront zone. You try new things. You experience beauty in nature and yourself. After travel you change and become a better version of yourself. That is mental health therapy if you ask me! (And I’m also an LCSW so you should ask me).


I am here to make your travel dreams come true. Whether you're planning a honeymoon, a group getaway, or a destination wedding, I can help you create the perfect experience. With my expertise, insider knowledge, and experience, I can save you time, money, and stress. Travel is supposed to be fun and exciting. Let me help you take the stress and headache out of it so you can just show up and enjoy! Let's embark on a journey together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Colosseum Arches

Book your own excursions & tours

A trip isn’t complete without an excursion or a tour! Heading to Rome and want to have a private tour of the Colosseum? Going to Cabo and want to sail on a catamaran? All those and more can be booked using the link below!

Sandals Self Booking Link

Do you like to plan your own trips but want to have peace of mind that a travel advisor has your back? You can use this self booking link to book your Sandals vacation on your own, but still have me to ask questions and be in your back pocket should you need anything! Win win for everyone!


Travel Planning Process


Certifications & Press

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