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I’m Kelli Bertram​​

Travel Agent, Therapist, Author, obsessed with dolphins and mac-and-cheese, just trying to do my part to keep this world a good place. 

Welcome! I’m happy to have you here. 



I’m a Mental Health Therapist and a Travel Agent. I combine those two passions of mine into what I like to call Travel Mental Health. Probably my most important quality though is I am a dolphin-loving, mac-and-cheese obsessed entrepreneur who just wants to do her part in the world. 

See that? I’m what they call “multi-passionate” and I love it! Since you’re here, I can bet that maybe you are looking for more in your life weather that be a BOMB adventure (vacation), or maybe you’re looking for support with your mental health.

Whatever your reason for being here, welcome! Welcome to the most adventurous, supportive, and safe place on the internet. (Or something like that…)


Travel Planning

Life can be busy, it can be stressful. You deserve a nice break from the day-to-day, exploring a new place or just sitting on the beach drinking a cold one. Whatever style trip you are looking for, I can help you plan it, stress free! 

Want to learn more or get started? 



Dive into your creative side or practice self-guided journaling. The adult coloring book and 30-day journal were created during a time when I was at my lowest. What started as a personal project turned the spark for this entire business. My hope is that these books can help someone else like they helped me, and most importantly help adults get back their inner child that is often times lost in adulthood. 

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I Got This Journal

This 30-day self-guided journal will provide you with the space to achieve your dreams, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, and become the best version of yourself! 

Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book 

This Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book has so much all packed in one book! This book contains not only coloring, but also activities in self-care, mindfulness, self-esteem, positive thoughts, and more! 


“I just love Kelli’s spirit and view on life. Every time we talk she just listens so well and seems like she really gets me. I actually look forward to our sessions together where in the past I dreaded going to therapy. 

Kelli is not only a knowledgeable professional, but she's the type of person that when you spend time with her, she actually inspires you to a become a better person as well. She makes me want to actually achieve my goals and feel confident that I can do it"

- Private Practice Client

I just have to give a HUGE shoutout to this amazing friend of mine who literally wears so many hats. Kelli is my #1 travel agent! You see, I love traveling, but I lack the skills in planning everything. Kelli found my perfect villa beachfront in Belize, just around the corner from my brothers place. She booked it for me, gave me all the tips and tricks, covid stuff, insurance, all the things! She even contacted the owner to ensure that everything was set up and that he took exceptional care of me, and he did. Before my trip she checked in on me, during the trip she made sure everything was okay. I cannot thank you enough Kelli! 

- Jen, Travel Client

I just wanted to tell you how helpful this book was to me. My husband had heart surgery and due to COVID restrictions I had to wait in the waiting room for 8 hours all by myself. Being able to color was invaluable to help me stay calm. I wouldn't even say I previously enjoyed coloring but this was exactly what I needed at the time. Thank you!

- Amanda, review on Freaking Awesome Adult Activity Book

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