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Authentic Health
Women’s Wellness Clinic

Support, Education, Community

Welcome to our women’s wellness community where you will find support, education and empowerment to reach your health and wellness goals! 

Have you ever wanted a space where you could work with multiple female health care providers in multiple specialties to find an overall wellness approach to health? 

We came together and noticed there was a lack of community not only for our own clients, but for women that we were surrounded by in every day life. This virtual clinic will be a safe and encouraging space to ask questions, have support with your health and wellness goals and find the community we are all striving for. 

In this virtual clinic you will find:

  • resources from each provider for specific topics

  • live educational calls

  • live workouts 

  • recipes and meal plans

  • full courses

  • individual coaching

  • community 

and so much more! 

You will have the opportunity to work one on one with the providers if you choose, but this is also a space to just be present with no pressure and have that support without having to sign up for a full coaching program. 

It takes a team and when women come together, mountains are moved! 

You will be able to join the clinic for a 2 week FREE trial and then there is a monthly charge of $28/month to support the providers time. ALL resources in the clinic are open and available once you join the community. 

Meet the Team

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